Spred Centers belong to the parish.
                                           Experience has shown that when necessary resources are available
                                                 a parish is able to gather a sufficient number of its members
                                        who form a small community of faith, a community of adult believers
                                                           to welcome those with developmental disabilities
                                                                            and to grow in faith with them
                                        as preparation for their participation in the worship experiences
                                                                              of the parish community.


       ANIMATION We help people in local Churches to become aware of the needs of persons with developmental disabilities. We show them how SPRED can assist them in responding to their needs. With the support of the parish leader, we prepare them to take the necessary training.


      We provide MATERIALS for catechesis with the total community and preparation sessions for the catechist community.

      We provide opportunities for OBSERVATION as a learning tool for parish leaders, families, prospective volunteers, catechists.


      We provide TRAINING courses. Training can be taken for graduate and undergraduate credit depending on the approval of the college or university.  Workshops, enrichment seminars and reflection weekends are offered throughout each Year.


 *  We provide a monthly PUBLICATION, a reflection on the experience of ministry in SPRED.

      We promote and support area COORDINATION.

      We provide SPRED FAMILY LITURGIES at the SPRED Center chapel as a way of modeling for parish leaders, catechists and families, the meaningful ways of participation for persons with developmental disabilities.



*  Newsletters           September 2018                           September 2019                                               

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                                                                                                                             September 2010 

                                                                                                                              September 2011                                           



                                                    For more information contact Spred 
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