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"The Spred community of faith is where each one learns to be attentive to God in life and in liturgy."

In 1973, on the first Sunday of each month at a regularly scheduled Sunday Eucharist, we began incorporating much of the style, pace, music and emphasis common in Spred catechesis.


The involvement with the lives of our friends with disabilities  and familiarity with the signs in catechesis drew us into a simply crafted liturgy with the accents on pace, on the appeal to all the senses, fragrances, sacred melodies, sacred movement, etc.


 Liturgy at the Spred Chapel on the First Sunday of the month is a simple and profound experience, one that can be replicated within the parishes of the participants.  Sometimes it is inclusion in reverse and rings with authenticity because the kind of liturgy it is, is best described as rudimentarily evangelical - it satisfies the belonging every Christian seeks.

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